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Troy is an honest man and a family man. He enjoys being at work and being the boss. At home, he rarely gets to feel like the boss. He is surrounded by girls. He has been the owner and operator of Dynamite Landscape since he started the company almost 15 years ago. He is an active member of the Dynamite Team and is most often ON the job doing more hard labor than he'd prefer. His passions are new landscape design and brick paver design/construction. He enjoys the opportunity to be creative in landscape design and construction.  

Dynamite does not advertise but works entirely off word of mouth and customer referrals. This speaks volumes to the quality reliable work they do. 

The internet is a great resource but it can also be overwhelming and time consuming. It is often just best to call the professionals and get their expert eyes and ideas on the job.

You can trust Dynamite.

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P.O. BOX 23

DAVISBURG MI 48350-3705 

FAX 248-328-6035


*Dynamite Landscape is fully insured for residential and commercial services.*